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Beyonce Slips Over on Stage.

Here is a video showing two different angles of Beyonce Slipping on stage.

You would almost say Beyonce fell on stage but it was more like a slip
and she recovered from it like a true professional.

Freaky Girl Dancer

Oh My God, this dancer would have to be one of the most flexible dancers i have ever seen!

Oh My God, It’s Death Threat Elmo!

What will they come up with next? lol

A Mixture of Accidents and Idiots

Here is a video that contains some OH MY GOD incidents, some are accidents others are just due to stupidity.

Freak Accident at Football

Here is a video that shows a freak wind storm during a game of football

Weight Lifting Accident

A minor weight lifting accident, minor but still makes you think OH MY GOD

Don’t Get Drunk By The Pool

OH MY GOD! Don’t Get Drunk By The Pool

Rubber Man

I bet he makes the girls happy lol, but OH MY GOD i would snap in half if i attempted to do any of that.

Some OH MY GOD Funny Videos

Here is a video that contains multiple OH MY GOD clips, enjoy 🙂

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