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Time for a pedicure?

Oh My God!

I often have a go at my gf when she goes to effort on her nails… after seeing this i may just start to appreciate the effort lol

Time for a pedicure

Oh My God, It’s Death Threat Elmo!

What will they come up with next? lol


OH MY GOD, not sure what else to say about this lol


OH MY GOD the cats back..

This is the famous OMFG loving cat!


A Mixture of Accidents and Idiots

Here is a video that contains some OH MY GOD incidents, some are accidents others are just due to stupidity.

Freak Accident at Football

Here is a video that shows a freak wind storm during a game of football

Weight Lifting Accident

A minor weight lifting accident, minor but still makes you think OH MY GOD

Don’t Get Drunk By The Pool

OH MY GOD! Don’t Get Drunk By The Pool

Rubber Man

I bet he makes the girls happy lol, but OH MY GOD i would snap in half if i attempted to do any of that.

Does my bum look big in this?

What can i say if she was your GF you would probaly have to lie lol

But OH MY GOD it is one big bum!


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